Sunday, January 15, 2006

Melton Pants

Here are the matching Melton pants both with the Vogue 8123 jacket, and alone. I think they turned out quite nicely, although I'm thinking about lengthening them slightly so I can wear higher heels with them. They're lined, and have the Hollywood waistband I've become so enamored of. Pam Issacs-Erny calls it a Comfy Waistband, and it certainly is that. As you can see, it looks just fine with a top tucked in; not in the least like your average elastic waist pants, at least in my opinion.

I got really excited last night when I suddenly realized that I can make skirts with this same waistband treatment! Perhaps I am easily thrilled, but I have a RTW skirt that has a similar fit, and I've always liked it.

I had another revelation when I was working on the lining for these pants. I cut it first, as the lining fabric was still on the cutting table from the jacket. I then cut the Melton, but I sewed the lining first, and I realized that one could sew pant linings "on spec" as it were. I almost always use the same pants pattern, but even if I didn't, the lining would probably fit any pant that fit me. So, sometimes when I'm just dying to sew something, but really don't have a project in hand, this might be something to think of. How nice to have a lining all ready to go into a pair of pants at a moment's notice, too.

I have been doing my zippers a little differently with this waistband. This is an invisible zipper that goes to the top of the waist, and there is a small hook & eye set on the inside across the top of the band. This is very secure, and the zipper is truly invisible.


Linda said...

When you have a moment could you show a photo of the inside of the side zipped pants? I purchase a lot of side zipped pants that look similar to what you have sewn. Like to see how one would do the side zipper with elastic waist.

Pants look great; especially with the jacket.

Linda said...

Me again! I have been looking at pant lengths of late. I think you would do well having them a little longer to wear with heels. Not bad looking now but with heels they will look shorter.

Liana said...

OK Linda, the inside photo is up! I agree with you on the length too, and am re-hemming them now. I was really pleased when wearing heels with pants came back in, but sometimes I forget to allow for it.