Monday, January 11, 2016

Top This! DMC Toddler Giraffe Hat

I bought this kit the other day at Hancock Fabric, and it turned out to be a very quick project (a couple of hours) and very cute.

You knit the hat and the topper is tied on with the attached ribbons, through a rubbery "washer" on the inside of the hat.

I had enough yarn to do almost 2 toddler-size hats, and I finished the second one with a cabled cotton yarn I had on  hand from a Prada style handbag I made several years ago.  I use a pompon on the top of it, and will donate it.


Becky said...

It is a cute kit! My mom made the monkey hat for my son for Christmas this year.

Liana said...

Those kits are pretty irresistible. :)

Marji said...

Aren't those just the cutest hats going? my LYS has the kits, but my son nixed the project. Should've asked the daughter-in-law :-(

Liana said...

Absolutely. You could do one anyway, or I thought about getting a different stuffed animal and doing 'surgery' on it, as I was not terribly crazy about most of their options other than the giraffe. Maybe if you found the right mascot it would be okay. Does he have a favorite team or anything?