Sunday, April 08, 2012

Shoes and Flowers

It seems that spring is early everywhere this year, and everything is blooming early as well. The wisteria is just gorgeous this year, and I got a photo of the smaller display on the top deck (3rd story). This was when it was just beginning to really show. It's almost done now.

From Drop Box

I could not resist showing you these great shoes. Just what I need. Not really, but they do intrigue me. They remind me of the pair of shoes Kenneth King almost couldn't get through airport security. He had glued his spikes on. These are done for you.

From Drop Box


Vicki said...

Interesting shoes! And I love all the spring photos on blogs. No spring here but gorgeous autumn leaves :)

patti said...

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Killer shoes."

patti said...

Glad you got a photo of the wisteria--it is beautiful!

Carol said...

OMG! (Sexaaaay!) and I Love your swimsuits too!!

Anonymous said...

Liana where abouts are you in the world? I live near London England and my wisteria isn't even out yet, and I was thinking how early it was.


Liana said...

Thanks for the shoe comments, everyone! Not sure I need them, but aren't they fun?

Ruth, I'm in Nebraska, and we've had a terribly warm late winter/early spring. I usually count on the wisteria blooming just after the first of May, or even later, so this really is exceptional.

Thanks Carol, I agree. We need a little of that now and then, don't we?

Tiny said...

I LOOOVE these Shoes.

Anonymous said...

Hello Liana
Thank you for letting me know when your wisteria flowered as I always imagined Nebraska to be wind battered snow drifts.
I put off replying until mine was in full flower and that is now. We have been having very warm weather here in England and the scent from the flowers wafts in through the open windows - it is really lovely as we can smell it through out the ground floor of the house.
Best wishes