Sunday, August 01, 2010

Dress in Progress

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Here's an early view of Marfy #1128, Roses&Caramel. I got the zipper put in this morning, and thought I'd better check the fit once again. I think it's going to be fine, especially when I don't have all the post-surgical underpinnings around my middle. I'm getting really tired of that, I can tell you! But the dress looks like it should be fine. The neckline will be folded over artistically, I hope, and there will be a finish on all the raw edges. I'm leaning more toward a belt out of the jute ribbon rather than a bow at the back neck, but there's time to decide yet.

My sister is staying with me helping me while I'm recovering, and she took the photos. Here's a back view.

The hem is just pinned, with a guess at the length. I have a tendency to go a little too long, so I'm trying to avoid that, and am now thinking it's maybe a little too short. That's a decision I can make a few days from now, I guess.

I was right that the 20" zipper made a world of difference in the ease with which I can get the dress on, and was a very good change. It's an invisible zipper, and it went in so beautifully that I just have to crow a bit. Even with my lovely ne, modern, computerized sewing machine, I still use the pink and blue plastic foot my Mom bought years ago when invisibles first came out, and it works better than anything, IMO. It looks like this, except mine's old enough that it's pale pink and blue.

I'm planning on wearing the dress next Saturday, so I need to hop to it, and I didn't get anything done yesterday. They were putting a new sliding glass door in my house, and I didn't want to go work in the basement while they were upstairs in my bedroom, as the running up and down 2 flights of stairs numerous times a day is a problem right now. So, a day 'wasted', although I'm glad the door is in, or mostly in anyway. The trim has gone to be stained, and they'll stain the inside of the door once it's cooler out, and we are able to open the windows to let the smell out without letting in 90 degree air with 50% humidity. I've been waiting on this since winter, and there have been so many hang-ups, I'm really glad we're on the home stretch.


becki-c said...

I love my invisible zipper foot, I remember the package being just like that!
The dress is stunning! Don't you just love Marfy's! I was hoping that you hadn't given up on them.

I love your hair BTW,

Melodye said...

I like the dress, but I love the new "do". Glad to see you're sewing again,


Sharon said...

Your dress is looking very smart and I also want to say your new "do" is very fetching.

gwensews said...

That's a very pretty dress. Looks like you have a really good fit. Cute haircut, too! And I love your socks. I've been knitting socks, too. Feel better soon.

Gail said...

The fit at the back is very good. I love the understated floral too.

Terri K said...

Liana, I hope the weather cools down for you, and that you have a wonderful time at the wedding wearing your new dress!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liana,

I like the dress!

I have a question for you: I recently did the saran wrap procedure and now I have a bodice sloper. I also have a skirt sloper completed. My question is, would it be appropriate to attach the bodice sloper to the skirt sloper in order to have a basic dress sloper? If so are there technical issues I need to consider when doing this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Sheila said...

That is going to be a lovely dress and I so love your new hairdo... so chic.

Liana said...

Hi Stace,

I haven't done this, so these are just my best guesses.

I think you could attach the skirt to the bodice and it would probably work just fine, BUT you may need to add a little lengthwise ease depending on your size. I seem to recall from somewhere that if you're a larger size, you may need lengthwise ease to do this successfully, although not much. If you are a smaller size, you won't need it.

As I think about this, I think you may not need any either way, just to do your sloper, since you'll be adding design ease when you create patterns from it. Not sure here, (obviously!) but I think I'd try stitching the toiles/muslins you made up for the skirt and blouse slopers together and see how that works. That would at least give you a baseline to judge from. HTH!

Liana said...

I forgot to say Thanks for the hair comments, everyone! :)

Mardel said...

The dress is looking really lovely Liana! And I have to echo the kudos on your new 'do.

Anonymous said...

I love that print and that dress is going to be stunning. Love the hair too. You look wonderful int he pictures, even if the dressis unfinished

Maggie said...

Love the new hair. The dress is lovely too! glad to hear your recent surgery went well.