Thursday, May 13, 2010

Olive Green Lingerie

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I've had this bra partially done for some time now, and finally was able to find time to finish it up and make a few pairs of panties to go with it. The lace and findings are all from Fabric Depot. I used foldover elastic for the straps as well as the upper edge, and it worked very well. Since I certainly do not need stretchy straps, I inserted twill tape into the straps, and also into the upper bridge piece. It's covered with 3 small ribbon roses, but it's the same folded elastic as the straps.

I dyed the stretch lace, picot elastic, closures and powernet lining. I had enough of the stretch lace to do a waistband on one pair of panties, and I used the foldover elastic for another. The duller green pair is actually a very wide piece of lycra with knitted-on stretch lace at the top and bottom. It was billed as stretch lace, but it's not very lacy. I like it, though. I realized while sewing them that I should probably have used it for the front only and made 2 pair, instead of piecing the back with the bra fabric. It's not quite as striking a demarcation in real life as it appears in the photo.

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The print pair is a very soft mesh knit that I made a Jalie summer top from. I'm planning a camisole from the scraps as well. I would recommend this type of fabric for anything next to the skin, including nightwear. The stretch lace band is the same pattern lace as the dyed green, but this came this color in my Fabric Depot lace bundle.

You can see a closer photo of the bra below, and
more photos here.

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Vicki said...

So pretty!

Rhoto said...

Oh, sew pretty!! And a fun, "different" colour for lingerie, eh ;)
Enjoy spoiling yourself in feminine luxury ;)
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Debra Martin said...

Wow! Liana. Very pretty!

business guides said...

The color is so cute. You did a good job on this one. Keep it up!

Sigrid said...

Pretty set, what lovely variantions on the panties.

Fran said...

Very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful and exotic color, and as always you did a beautiful job. I just took a bra making class a few weekends ago and am now very excited to try some new ideas. Do you mind if I ask what panty pattern you use? I assume that they are comfortable or you wouldn't be making them. They almost look as if they don't have elastic in the legs. That's my next undertaking to make some panties but am trying now to decide on a style and pattern.

joanier (I really need to get a google account so I stop showing up as anonymous.

Summerset said...

Gorgeous! I love how all the different panties coordinate with the bra.

Myrna said...

Gorgeous. I'm sewing some bras for my daughter. Would you mind sharing what dyes you used and more about the twill tape. She doesn't need stretchy either. I'd like to secure the straps as much as possible. Thanks.

- Myrna

Nancy W. said...

very nice, Liana. I really like how you died everything to match. I haven't tried that, but when I get back into sewing lingerie, I am going to try it. Right now I'm into making some (much needed) dresses.