Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Giving a Program to Omaha ASG

I'm getting ready to give a program on Wardrobing and Sewing With A Plan (SWAP) to the Omaha chapter of ASG on Thursday. I'm going to take quite a few garments as well as some wardrobe planning methods and ideas, so it should be interesting I hope. They've asked me to bring some of my covered shoes as shown in Threads as well. I'm kind of excited about it. It's always fun to talk sewing and clothes.

Wardrobing has always held a fascination for me, as I think it does for most sewers. After all, isn't it really all about the clothes? I really only have ever had myself to sew for, and I have to say it's been nice in a way. Yes, it would be fun to do things for a daughter so I could try all the cute, trendy things that I'm a little bit past, but then again, I don't have to share my sewing time across more than one wardrobe. I guess that makes me a little bit like the Selfish Seamstress, although possibly (I hope) not quite as blatant about it. I do love her haikus, though. Very funny stuff.

Speaking of SWAP, I have to give a big shout-out to my dear friend Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic, who won the Grand Prize in the SWAP Contest at Stitcher's Guild on Artisan's Square. She definitely deserved the win, with the gorgeous work she's done, and I think she's surpassed herself. Be sure and take a look.


gwensews said...

The people at your ASG are in for a treat! I wish our ASG would do something other than make quilts and do charity projects. Sigh. I would love to see your covered shoes in person. I see that in the Spring issue of Sew Stylish, they are shown once again.

Sew Passionista said...

Liana, I sometimes feel I'd rather sew only for myself but having a daughter who is a real sweetie forces me to divide my time between sewing for me and her.

Sharon said...

Oh how our ASG group in Sydney would love to hear/see your program.

Your covered shoes are beautiful and to see them in person would be like being in a candy shop.