Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Aqua

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I thought I'd do a couple more panties for the Aqua Set while I was on a roll. These have little scraps of lace as embellishment, with some narrow ribbon couched onto the cut lace edges.

I cut one complete pair from the Frosted Lycra and one from the Satin Lycra, and then 'mixed and matched' to combine both fabrics in each pair. The front and crotch-piece are one fabric and the back and upper-left front are the other. The lace was attached, and then the fabric was cut out behind it. I used plain picot elastic for these, as I did the previous pair.

More lace details below.


gwensews said...

Your lingerie is so pretty, I wondered if you have submitted any of it to Threads. Since you already have an "in", perhaps we'll be reading another article in that magazine?

Vicki said...

More nice undies! One of my favourite colours.

Claire S. said...

Lovely ! I've seen so many posts about lingerie with such beautiful pieces that one of these days I'm bound to give it a go.

Mardel said...

The lingerie is lovely.

The anvil is very intriguing. What a nice brother you have and I would love to learn about what you are planning to do with it.

Jen said...

Liana, your undies are just beautiful. I sure feels good when your underclothes are as stylish as what you put over them.