Saturday, March 20, 2010

An Anvil for Me

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I never thought I'd want my own anvil, but I don't have access to one anymore, and I don't need a full-size one anyway. I asked my brother, source of my lovely pattern weights, what he could come up with. He made me what looks like a hockey-puck out of stainless steel scrap, polished the top, and put cork on the bottom. I want to use it for jewelry type pounding, so it didn't need to be too large. I'm not sure when you'll see anything I've used it for, but I have some things in mind at least.

You can see what the pattern weights he makes for me look like below.


Claire S. said...

Cool hockey puck ! Good for snaps & grommets too, I expect.

The steel pattern weight is a tip I've taken from you - thanks.

A while ago, after I read your post about your brother's pattern weights, I was at our local hardware store and on the liquidatio table there were boxes of metal 'things'. Oy, brain function has stalled & the name of them escapes me. They're used to brace two pieces of wood together.

Anyway, in and amongst all of the different shapes and sizes, there were pieces about 3/4" by 5" long. Seems to me they were only about 39 cents each. Pretty heavy for their size and I picked up about a dozen. They're flat, so if one is not heavy enough I can just double (or triple) them up.

I'm amazed at how many sewing items we can find in the hardware store :-)

Sheila said...

Very cool.

Patricia said...

Handy brother!

Summerset said...

Cool! That's perfect for jewelry items or things that need to be pounded on something really solid.