Sunday, November 16, 2008

Finally Finished with the Bazaar

Here is the finished pair of cuffed gloves. I finished the second one much more quickly than the first, since it was simply a matter of repeating the steps. Here's the pair as worn.

Green Gloves

The green pair sold, as did the purple below. They're a completely different style, with a plain outer cuff faced with a rayon batik.

And once again, as worn.

Purple Gloves

I came home with only 2 scarves and 3 dishcloths that didn't sell, so I feel like it went well, and the best part is that now I can go back to concentrating on my coat. The poor sleeves have been sitting there ready to set in for a week now, and I'm ready to get on with it.

I am thinking of doing a pair or two of the cuffed gloves for Xmas gifts. They're fairly quick, and rather fun to do.


Lisa H. said...

Your gloves are lovely.You are very creative.Congradulations on your sales at the bazaar.

Melodye said...

Liana, once again another winner. I'm always struck by your design esthetic. Someitmes when you post designs that are in process, I'm not too sure I'll like them. But then you post the finished item and I wonder what was wrong with me that I couldn't see the possibilities. Congratulations!!