Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Mail

Yes, nice things came in the mail again. Harper's Bazaar is always nice to see, but the Lana Grossa Filati is my first issue, and was great fun to get. There are a couple patterns that look interesting, and one that I'm seriously thinking about. It's for their Baby Kid mohair yarn, but I may try a swatch with some mohair I have already. It's a cone of seafoam mohair, and it's very pretty.

The coral-red yarn is Rowan R2 Fuzzi Felt, and is for a vest/sleeveless jacket. The pattern is on order, but hasn't come yet. The brown elann Esprit is for a skirt. The 2 skeins of alpaca in purple tones are for mitts.

So, lots of plans anyway.

I'm bonding with my new Pfaff, and enjoying trying lots of things with it. I'm also coming right along with the lace skirt. I'm really pleased with how it looks so far. I've been very timid about it, and I suddenly decided that it's just a skirt for heaven's sake, and began to get on with it. I've decided on one layer of organza under the lace, and have attached it at the waist and CB seam, and turned up the hem with the organza inside the lace. I will make a slip to wear under it. I tried various suitable knits that I have, and the dark gray-silver that I originally suspected might work is definitely the best. I think this skirt is going to be great fun to wear. I hope so anyway.


Linda said...

All of your knitting patterns and plans sound beautiful. I love the yarn colors you chose. I know your lace skirt will be breathtaking. I truly look forward to seeing it. If you have time, and are so inclined, I would love to see pictures and an explanation of the construction process. Working with lace intimidates me!

Sheila said...

I would also love to read posts about the construction process of your lace skirt - it sounds like a beautiful garment.

All that yarn looks scrumptious.

You did a fabulous job on the Marfy jacket.