Friday, April 04, 2008


I received my new Knitter's magazine yesterday and settled down to look at it last night. The first thing I noticed was a note that I only have 2 issues left on my subscription, so I was thinking I'd have to decide if I was going to renew. Lately I've been somewhat disappointed in them, and I was interested to see if they would change my mind with this month's issue. Well, in a word, NO. I hate to state it so strongly, but the patterns ranged from pedestrian to just plain ugly. No interesting shaping, some really awful fit, colors and yarns were uninteresting. There were just no redeeming features whatsoever. So, I believe I'll just let it run out. You might think that the cover sweater isn't so bad, but it's actually a tube top with an asymmetric cape over it. The model has been carefully posed in this photo as in the others, the most charming body area of the arm/body junction is prominently on display under the short side of the cape. Ick, even on the model. I have to say that several of the most uninspired and amateurish of the designs are from the magazine staff. I don't know if they had to whip up something quickly because they were short or if they're practicing their design skills on the paying public, but either way, it's a mistake, in my opinion.

And now for the much better stuff.

Today I got my first issue of a new subscription to Piecework. It has a cute Nancy Bush knitted sock pattern as well as an article on metal thread embroidery, and a project to try it. I have just scanned quickly through it, but it appears to be worth a more in-depth read.

Summerset has been putting up a vintage pattern with each post from a collection she was given. Today's offering is a 1970's sailor style pattern She mentioned that her MIL remembered wearing these styles then. Well, me too! This immediately took me back to my first "with a pattern" 4-H project. It was a sleeveless sailor top and straight elastic-waist skirt in a lavender-blue/white windowpane check with a solid blue skirt. I remember redoing the point of the V-neck where the collar sets in over and over and over again. My top didn't have a CF seam like this one does, which would make it much easier, but what did I know? I don't remember actually wearing it a whole lot after I finally got it done, entered in the fair, modelled in the Dress Review, etc. By the time I was actually free to wear it, I think I was probably sick of looking at it. But, I still like that style! What does that say about my fashion sense? Set in stone at age 10, apparently.


CharityinAlaska said...

I'd wear that pattern in a heartbeat. So where does that leave me? I guess I'm set in stone with ya. VERY cute! :)


Nancy (nanflan) said...

Not loving that cover outfit, especially since you mentioned it's a TUBE top (like you need a pattern for that!). And I'm afraid it looks a bit "Star Trek" with the cape.

I do think the vintage Simplicity is cute, though.

Liana said...

Nan, I do too. I hope I didn't leave the impression that I thought all 3 things were yuck. Definitely not! Just the first one. :)

Never thought of Star Trek, but yes, it would fit right in there.

Sheila said...

I agree with you on Knitters Magazine. Of the several magazines I have from them I did one project which was Jean Frost's JaspeRed pattern. Also, Thank You for the lovely compliment on my sweater.

Gaile said...

How crazy - I had that pattern! It's probably still in a box at my parent's house, since my Mother throws nothing away!

Knitter's has honestly never been a favourite of mine. I've picked up a few issues over the years whenever the LYS was selling them at clearance prices but don't find the articles or designs very impressive.

Lately I seem to get more inspiration from my older mags than the new ones. I keep finding patterns earmarked a couple of years ago. Speaking of old, I found a box of Sew News from the 80's and 90's while cleaning my studio. Fascinating stuff, including lots of information on knitting techniques, as well as sewing. They've been moved to a shelf so that I can read them as I have time.

Marji said...

I agree and gave up on Knitters quite some time ago. However, that Piecework mag looks like a real winner. Did you get the issue with the Poetry Mittens pattern reprinted? If not, I have an extra I'd be happy to send you. I ended up buying it twice.
As for your fashion sense, I'm not worried about it at all - your fashion sense is impeccable. (I should go look, did you do your runway picks from this past round?)
But I think we all have certain styles that evoke memories that always stay with us as Happy styles.

Anonymous said...

I would love to make the gloves! You could make up some awesome gardening gloves as spring birthday gifts...

Anonymous said...

I made this pattern up sometime in the 70's when I was in high school, WOW am I that old already hehe