Sunday, April 27, 2008

Draping Trial

I'm still not doing any sewing for now, but I've been thinking I'd like to try draping a bodice or something for a while now, and decided this might be a time to try it. I managed to find a few moments to try with a knit fabric I want to make a dress from, and I'm not too unhappy with how it's going so far. It really was very quick and I know I'll need to work on it, but it's not too bad for a quick first try.

I've always wanted a knit wrap dress, but anything I've tried has been way off on fit for me. The lightbulb finally lit and I realized that I could easily drape one, and it would naturally fit. Tra la!

The photo above is with a piece of yarn tied at the waist, and the photo below is without. Otherwise, they're just the same. The one without the "belt" is a little more true to color, although it's not nearly as reflective. It just has a little shine.

I like the belted look, but I want to see how it will look with just a half-belt in the back. So far I have the fabric just pulled around and pinned at CB at about the waist. It isn't the worst idea, and with a little work I think it could be interesting. The back reminds me a bit of a Bonnie Cashin design, so I feel like it isn't completely unworkable.

If you want to see larger photos, and side photos as well, you can see them here.


Vicki said...

Draping sounds like the perfect way to go. You also get to see how much the fabric will drop due to the stretch. Armholes maybe a bit tricky though. Good luck!

Alexandra said...

This looks very interesting. I'd like to see more, and then the finished product.

Adrienne said...

Draping is so interesting to me! Can't wait to see more. Good luck!

BeeBee said...

Nice start on the draping. Personally, I think it needs something at the waist.
What fabric is this? Is it the taupe from FabricMart (I think), 2 layers, the top is a crinkly floral tone on tone?

Liana said...

Thanks everyone! It's an interesting process, that's for sure.

BeeBee, It is that taupe 2-layer knit from FabricMart. I really like it, but it's kind of an odd fabric.

BeeBee said...

I love(d) it until I tried to sew it. YIKES! You will have to stabilize each seam or you will skip stitches everywhere. I ended up with wads of fabric smashed into the bobbin case, thread nests that would hold eagles and just a big mess. I tried 4-5 different kinds of needles, the needle just had a hard time piercing both layers - really 4 layers for a seam. I know part of my problem was a bad match up with my pattern that resulted in an ugly garment - not commenting on that aspect, but sewing this stuff was **YIKES**. I did a review on PR for V1025 and there's a thread on SG. I know you're WAY better at this than I am, just warning you about trying to sew this stuff, be prepared to stablize. I still have the unfinished dress and will make a top some day when the memory of this disaster has faded. I think it will be beautiful sewn into something drapey by someone (you!) with the experience to handle it and I'm looking forward to seeing your results. There are a bunch of "us" who have this fabric, but I haven't seen it sewn yet.

Sheila said...

WoW.. like the looks already and such a lovely fabric.