Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Real Quickie - Sundress

I felt like sewing something, and since I need to go through my fabric inventory and really decide on my plans for Fall as a whole, I didn't want to start on anything major. I just needed that quick fix of a fast project. I had some cute printed knit fabric that I bought from Wazoodle last year, planning some sort of sundress. The May 2007 Burda WOF had a cute top and sundress from the same pattern, only with different lengths. It's not my usual thing, but it's been so horribly hot the last week or so that my brain is fried I think, and it's finally hot enough that I think of sundresses for me, rather than other people.

I did the top first in a tricot to try it out, and found that the V-neck hit way too low. It was cute though, and I decided to raise the neckline. I just made it horizontal instead of a V, and I think it came out very cute. I like the fact that the straps almost completely cover my bra straps, except where the knot is. It has a self-fabric tube as a belt, although I think if I wear it, it will probably be unbelted. It would be cooler that way too. The colors in the first photo are the most true.

Photo Link here

Photo Link here.

I got my Marfy patterns yesterday! That should spur me on. I also just finally went and bought the new Vogue Knitting magazine. I have to call them now and tell them mine never came.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lianna,
You have been busy, nice sun dress. And that skirt is really wonderful. Looks like there should be some line dancing in your future.

What is up with Stitcher's Guild? I can not get to that site. I tried the link from your blog two days in a row, but it just takes me to an error page.

I was trying to find out who was the guest speaker for the classes in Omaha come October. And I find this is the only way I have of contacting you.

Liana said...

Hi Kayleen! Good to hear from you. SG has had some server problems the last couple days, but it seems to be fixed now. Those using Safari may still be having problems, but I think it's about all fixed. Hope you can get in now! Try again, anyway, the link works okay for me.

I don't know yet who the guest speaker is, but do you know about the Expo in September in Council Bluffs? Lots of classes, etc.

Anonymous said...

Yes I use Safari and no I still can not get in. I will have to figure out a work around.

No I had not heard about the Expo in Council Bluffs. Is there a web site?

Elaray said...

I have also found the v-necks on BWOF to be way too low. Since I have heard it so often, I usually remember to make the adjustment. It only took ONE mistake for me to learn!! LOL