Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nightie, Night!

I bought some beautiful embroidered-border batiste from FabricMart some time ago, and finally got around to making a nightgown from it. It's such a fine, thin fabric that it feels quite luxurious, although it's cotton. Perfect for a nightgown. I used my copied-from-a-favorite-RTW-gown pattern, and although it's quite simple, I'm very pleased with it, as it's exactly what I wanted.

Photo Link Here

I was planning to use some trim for straps and the top edge, but as I worked with the fabric I enjoyed the feel of it so much, and it was so light that I was afraid trim would weigh it down, so I decided to do narrow turned tube straps, and also to just turn the top edge over twice and do a hand stitched finish. I used Edge Stitch, as described in my favorite sewing book, Sew the French Way. It's said to be de rigeur for fine lingerie seams, and it's very pretty. It's also used to attach lace and appliques to lingerie, as it has tiny decorative holes when you're done. It looks very much to me like the heirloom stitch on my machine called Point de Paris, although this is much finer and more flexible by far. It only took a couple hours to do the stitching, and I enjoyed it. I may even do more. You can see it in the next photo, and if you want a real close-up, use the link below the photo.

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The yarn I ordered Thursday night from elann.com came yesterday (Monday) which I thought was excellent service. I'm planning an Instant Jacket type cardigan out of each of the two yarns. The left is Louet's Celebrity, and on the right is Austermann's Soft Wool. I also got a couple sets of double-pointed needles that I needed.

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I've also begun to seriously plan my Fall sewing, and have begun tracing and altering the patterns I'm planning to use. This is not something I generally do more than one pattern at a time, and I'm finding that this is really focusing my mind on details of what I want to do, and has been quite the nice experience. I dislike cutting out a number of garments at the same time, as it's so easy to change your mind about some detail when it's too late, but I think this mass alteration plan may be a good one for me. That way, when I'm ready to sew, I'll be ready to sew!


Vicki said...

Liana, that is so pretty. Perfect for a hot summer night!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I am always in awe of the lingerie that you make. If I only had a little more time...*sigh*

Donna said...

Liana, your nightgown is so pretty and feminine. The edge stitching at the neckline is particularly beautiful. What size needle did you use, and what kind of thread? I like the needle holes, they set the neckline off perfectly. Thanks!

Cherie said...

Liana, lovely nightgown! Just the kind of one I should make for me!

I also admire your sewing plan for fall. When I sewed in my previous life, that is what I did, and it really worked. I hope to implement it now that I am sewing again.

Elaray said...

Beautiful! We've had some really hot and humid nights and that nightgown looks perfect for such a night.

Liana said...

Thank you everyone!

Donna, I used a size 11 Betweens needle, which is what I usually use for hand sewing unless it's really heavy fabric, and Sulky rayon thread. It was a perfect color match to the embroidery, and has a nice little shine to it.