Sunday, February 04, 2007

Marfy Dress Photos

Marfy 1128

Here is the finished dress from Marfy #1128. It was a little hard to photograph because the matelassé is such a dark brown. I'm actually very pleased with this, and although I doubt I'd make another like it, it was quite fun to do, and it really took me in a new direction. I love the chiffon on this dress.

The back view is below. It's about 1" higher in the back than the original design, as I raised the whole thing at the shoulders. I recut the front neckline to the original depth, but I left the back, as I felt a lower back would do nothing for me, and I think this gives the same effect, with less chance of problems.

Back View

Here's a close up of the buttons I used, and you can see a couple more construction-related photos here.

Button, Cuff & Placket


Vicki said...

Liana, It's beautiful and looks wonderful on you! I love the fabrics you chose.

Mardel said...

Gorgeous Liana, it looks reallly lovely on you. I had trouble imagining the chiffon with its plaid pattern but the results prove to be perfect and fresh.

kim said...

liana-I've sooo enjoyed reading your blog entries over the past year. With this entry, I must comment on how extremely impressed I am with your skills as a sewer and knitter. You really set the bar very high for the rest of us!And you look wonderful in your dress!Fabulous!I clicked on the photo link and was wondering if you'd care to write about the tailoring techniques used for the grey jacket. It's wonderful as well. Especially the set-in sleeve. From what I can see-absolutely exquisite! Kudos!

Lisa Laree said...

Liana, that dress is truly beautiful and you look simply divine in it. What inspiration!

touran said...

That's absolutely gorgeous. I hope that you do find a perfect occasion to wear it. I really enjoy your blog - thank you for sharing your work.

Christina said...

The dress is stunning. You are such and inspiration. I wish you taught classes on achieving such beautiful fit.

Linda said...

I saw your dress review at PR and wanted to come to your blog and read more. Great looking dress. Love the fabric choices.

Favorite Apron said...

Liana - I love this dress on you. It's dignified yet lovely. Not a woman of a certain age trying to be 16. This is the way women used to dress. I hope you wear it often. It seems to call for vintage underthings and a martini in your hand. : o)

Great hollywood waist jeans from an earlier post too. You're doing beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Liana your dress is wonderful, I just WISH the pictures were 'clickable' so that I could get my face close to the screen to see the details.

Faye Lewis said...

Liana, I love your dress and everything else that I see on your site!
I read a post about Sergers on Artsians Square that you posted a while ago. I am thinking about buying a Singer serger that will cost me about $259.00. This is a four spool serger, and will be my first. I am wondering if you think this will be a good first serger purchase for me?
Linda Faye

Faye Lewis said...

Thanks for your imput on my serger purchase. This is such a confusing thing. Cost is an issue here, so I'm thinking about going for the lower end Singer. I just know the pinking shear thing is not working for me anymore.
Thanks Again!