Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sewing/Fashion Trip to Denver

From Denver 2012
Patti, Liana and Mardel in Westminster, CO.

I had such a great time in Denver near the end of June. I got to view the Yves St Laurent retrospective exhibit at the Denver Art Museum with two fabulous fashionistas, Patti and Mardel. You see us above just before we left for the airport to go our separate ways.

The show was well worth making a special trip to see, with over 200 outfits, the largest show of its kind. This was the only showing in the western hemisphere. How they got it in Denver, I do not know, but I'm so glad they did. It was a very nice space for it as well.

There were so many stand-out pieces, but since we were not allowed to take photographs, I will just have to settle for quick descriptions. Truly, I went into sensory overload just trying to remember and take notes of all the wonderful details and effects.

There was a one-shoulder lace column evening gown with galloon edges that did not meet on the sleeveless side and was held together with two medium-sized shocking pink satin bows. Charming, and ultimately wearable, if only by the brave. The masterful handling of the lace was wonderful.

The hem edge of a brown blouse that just peeked out under a boxy skirt-suit jacket resembled leather cut into perhaps 1/2" fringe. Examined more closely, it was silk with a turned up hem which was cut vertically into strips and whipped along the raw edges to form loops. Amazing work, and so pretty, and really, quite simple if you have the time, patience, desire, and the hand-sewing skills.

Of course all of the beaded pieces were fantastic, the Monet Iris and Van Gogh Sunflowers jackets were probably the most stunning of a very stellar group. The texture of the paintings had been recreated using not only beads and sequins, but silk ribbon embroidery as well; in places 'piled up' to imitate the thick impasto of the original artworks. Of all the garments in the show, these were the only two not shown on mannequins. These were under glass, laid flat, both so you could get a very close look, and, I imagine, to save the garments from their own weight as they hung on a form.

YSL's combinations of fabrics, color and line was incredible, and as always, seeing the actual garments is a revelation after only seeing photographs, no matter how detailed and good. I would recommend this show to everyone, and any time you have a chance to see fashion in person, go and see it. You will always take away something of value, if only one idea. I know I came away from this weekend with many, many ideas.

As you may have guessed, I also came away with a little bit of fabric. I was very restrained, and only bought 2 pieces at Elfrieda's in Boulder. One is a cotton print which you will read about very soon. It's already sewn up! This is a gorgeous silk print I could not resist. I am thinking a slip dress, possibly to wear to the opera in Chicago in October, again with Patti and Mardel.

From Denver 2012


patti said...

A wonderful review, Liana--it was so much fun to take in the exhibit (and the other sights) with you and Mardel.

karin said...

I can still see the perfect topstitching on the safari jacket...

patti said...

And I can't wait to see what you do with the silk--it will, indeed, make a stunning dress for the opera gala!15 erybob

Gorgeous Things said...

Oh, how I wish I could have joined you. It sounds marvelous!

Mardel said...

Wonderful review of the trip and the show Liana. It was great spending time with you, and I knew you would discuss that dress, and the trim.