Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Gown - Details on Vogue 1250

From 2011Gown
From 2011Gown

Finally, photos of the Gala Gown made from Vogue 1250,lengthened and with a train added. This is the gown I wore to the Lyric Opera opening night.

Carolyn was interested in how I did the train. I thought I would probably want to add a godet at CB, but didn't know if I should put it in the seam, or cut it onto the main skirt, which was what I had hoped would work, since with the ribbed knit fabric, the fewer seams the better. I looked in all my books, and found just about nothing on the subject.

I asked, and got good suggestions from my friend Jane, who gave me several patterns from her 'permanent collection' to look at, including the one I finally decided was just what I wanted, (OOP) Vogue 9400, which has a very similar skirt, with a cut-on godet train.
I laid it over my pattern, but only used it as a guide, since it had side seams, and my skirt was one piece from the CF fold to the CB seam, necessitating a narrower godet, even though my fabric was quite wide.

For general informational purposes, Jane says that a train will usually start where the top of a slit would be in a skirt, but I thought that since this was a knit, I could preserve the columnar effect of the skirt a little more by starting lower, and still have plenty of walking room, which proved to be the case. I started angling out at about the knee, and made an angle that brought me to the edge of the fabric at the length I wanted. Not very technical, but it worked perfectly.

From 2011Gown

She pinned the hem for me too, and used her standard 'bridesmaid length' which finishes 1 1/2" above the floor, giving plenty of room to walk, and looks floor-length to viewers. I worried a little about it being that far off the floor, but I have to admit, it worked perfectly, and I had no trouble walking, although one must 'manage' one's train when backing up, etc.

I did a hand stitched hem, using a supported catchstitch, and very fine silk thread. I started it with regular sewing thread, and it showed a lot. The fine thread made a great difference. You can see both the inside and outside of the hem in the photo below.
From 2011Gown

The shoes are slightly visible in some of the photos, but here's a better picture.
From MuPhiConvention
They are the ones I had to put 4 coats of ModPodge on to keep them from 'adhering' to the dress. I had no problems walking in them, quite a few blocks total in downtown Chicago, and wore them for about 6 hours total that night. As I'd thought, they were quite comfortable, although going down steps in them is not my favorite thing.

You can see all the photos in the slideshow above, but I'll leave you with a back view showing the train a little better, and a better view of the wrap I made to wear with the dress.

From 2011Gown


patti said...

All I can add is that the gown is so stunning in person--very elegant, and very Liana!

Sewtellme said...

You look fantastic! Did I miss it? What is the fabric content? I love, love, love the shoe porn.

fourkid said...

This is stunning. Thank you for sharing it with us.

fourkid said...
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Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Thank you for sharing how you made the train! Your version is just stunning, if I may say that again. And the shoes...O-M-G are they just awesome!

Lynne Williams said...

Quite lovely and the shoes certainly amped it up!

Cherie said...

Liana, elegant is too simple a word to describe your style. This dress is impeccable! Show this to the ASG Sewing for the Middle Ages and it will blow everyone way! I'd love to be your sewing sister.

Much Love to you, Cherie

Mardel said...

Thank you for the detail on the train. And you look just stunning.

gwensews said...

Beautiful dress! It looks fantastic on you. I tell you, I don't think I could have walked so well in those shoes!

Irene said...

Beautiful! Very elegant.

Anonymous said...

Your gown is lovely and you look stunning in it - worthy of opening night for sure! And those shoes!! You're a better woman than I am ;-)

You mentioned a couple of days ago that you're working on stained glass. We were in France this summer (biking) and saw lovely examples, some of which I put in my biking journal at crazyguyonabike. Gorgeous stuff, and I've been fascinated with it since I was a kid.

JoyceP (SG denizen too)

Summerset said...

Love it - so elegant with the train and shoes!

Alexandra said...

Totally gorgeous! I love that train and the overall length.

BetsyV said...

Fabulous, Liana!

Cennetta said...

Beautiful made, Liana. Classy.

Leah said...

The train really brings the elegance level up to regal. Gorgeous!!

Anne-Marie said...

Liana, you are so elegant... or I prefer to write it in French... Liana, quelle élégance !