Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tie-Dye Marfy Skirt

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This is Marfy #093, one of the free patterns from the Fall/Winter 2006/07 catalog.

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I wanted a casual skirt that was something different than my usual, and this seemed ideal. I got this stretch woven from Fabric Mart some time ago. I like the somewhat subtle tie-dye pattern.

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It's one of those stretch woven fabrics that they weave with the stretch in the warp, thus you cut on the crossgrain. This gives you the stretch going around, where we want it.

A skirt that doesn't sit at the waist or fairly close to it is something new to me, and it's an easy fit. I interfaced the inner band and after applying and understitching, stitched through the darts and side seams to secure it, and am pleased with the result.

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The original pattern has shaped beltloops that button onto the pockets. I thought it was a little dated looking, or at least more retro than I wanted. I also don't really need excess bulk right around the stomach area, so I just did the pockets and left off the loops. I cut the pockets double with a fold at the top, stitched and turned, then topstitched them onto the skirt. I ended up facing the hem since I decided I liked the length before I turned up the hem allowance I added. Photo Link

I finished this on Friday, wore it Saturday, and heard good things, so I was pleased.
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Rachel said...

That is very pretty. I have never sewn a Marfy pattern, but they are so pretty that I want to do so.

Fran said...

Very nice -- I've also not sewn a Marfy pattern before -- need to add it to my list.

velosewer said...

Love the detailing. Marfy designs are really edgy.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

You are on a roll with the skirts. I like the details on this one!

Mardel said...

Very pretty.