Monday, May 05, 2008

Good Things Come.... those who wait. For the mailman and the UPS driver, apparently. Yes, it's another episode of Sewing By Mail. I was very pleased to get not one, not two, but 3 sewing publications in the mail this morning, and this afternoon a box appeared on the porch from FabricMart! What more could a girl hope for? Time to sew, perhaps.

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Clockwise from Lower Left, the fabrics and my tentative plans for them:

Cotton knit with fish print - summer tank.
Pink iridescent knit-back vinyl - rain jacket.
Turquoise and Gray-Lavender silk - bazaar scarves.
Rose print light cotton poplin - dress?

Burda WOF May 2008
Piecework May 2008
FSG Newsletter May/June 2008

I haven't even had time to do more than read through the newsletter, but I hope to take a good look at the magazines tonight.

And finally, heralding the actual arrival of Spring, the first wisteria raceme of the year is beginning to bloom.

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I've been waiting anxiously for the wisteria to bloom this spring. Last year the buds got caught in a late freeze before they could open and with the wild swings of temperature we've had this year, I was afraid it would happen again. So far, so good, except the sparrows and cardinals have decided that the buds are their favorite thing. I wondered what they were doing when I saw them working at them, but hoped they were getting ants or something, but no, they grab a bud and rip it off and eat it! The cardinal I can almost put up with doing this, but the sparrows can eat something else. There seem to be a lot of flowers left though, so I am still hoping for a large bloom. This is the first raceme to open so far. It's been way ahead from the early stages although I can't imagine why. It is probably the furthest southwest of all the flowers. Somehow I doubt that's it.


Linda said...

I purchased the rose,green,pink cotton fabric as well. I am thinking dress also. Which one, to be decided.

Anonymous said...

Dear Liana,

Could you pleaseenlighten me about your babylock bl3-406 ,if you still have it.I want to know this mchine'sfull capabilities.I think it can take a 4th thread and produce a mock 4thread overlock effect.Do you know about this?