Saturday, November 12, 2005

Testing the Little Blouse

I've thought for a long time that I need a "little blouse" to wear under jackets or in the summer by itself, and that I would like one made from my saran wrap block. Well, I finally took the plunge, and drafted a pattern yesterday. I made one trial version (muslin) and redid quite a few things. The second trial I finished last night, and it's not too bad. I used a pretty awful shiny, cheap woven that has absolutely no give, and a plaid pattern, so it was good for a trial, as I could see what was straight and what wasn't. I used the whole block, as the right and left are pretty different, and I wanted this to be fairly close fitting. The pattern looks pretty asymmetrical, but once I put it on, it appears even. Since this is just a trial, I just turned the neck and armholes under and stitched with seam binding. Here's the "finished" trial.

I will put a little more shape into the side seams on the next version, but in general, it's not too bad. I can change the neck shape anyway I like, and I'm thinking an attached scarf/cowl might be very nice too. There is a CB seam, and the top 4" or so is open, with a button and loop closure at the top. One thing I really like is that the CB seam follows my shape all the way up instead of sticking out at the top, as commercial patterns always do.

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