Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back With More Swimsuits

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Most of you know that I went out to California to visit my sister again in February, and while there, went to LA's Fashion District. One thing I was looking for was swimsuit fabric and FOE (fold over elastic). These are the first two suits I've finished from some of the fabric I bought there. I think they turned out well. I'm still using the same traced pattern with a few modifications. Here's the first suit I made, and a link to some others.

The most obvious change is the CF zipper. Back hooks are just a little hard to hook and unhook, especially early in the morning, which is when I wear these for water exercise classes. I have made several suits with zippers by now and they're super easy to wear, and not too hard to construct. They just take a little more time. I use a piece of powernet in the front, and the zipper goes through it and the suit fabric. This gives me very good support, and the silhouette of a sports bra, that is, pretty flattened. Perfect for aerobics.

Here's the second suit I have finished since I came back.

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Dear Kathi Rank took us to the promised land (where the fabric lives) again, and guess who was with us? VonneVo! She and her DH were here on a trip from Australia, and what fun she is. Just as nice and pretty as she can be too. Here's a photo of Kathi and Lisa in the amazingly packed shop where Kathi found damask and other tablecloth fabrics. Vonne was out of sight, probably behind some of the fabric rolls.

From 2012 Feb CA