Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Graphic Dot Swimsuit

I was running out of PowerNet which I use to do a front lining/shelf bra in my swimsuits and got some at the ASG Convention Vendor Hall from Anne St Clair of Needle Nook Fabric.   I've been collecting fold over elastic for a while and I have some fun prints and colors.  I decided this crimson with black dot elastic would go beautifully with the graphic black and white print.  The fabric is some I got in the LA  Fashion District with Kathi Rank. 
I thought it needed a little something extra so I added a bow, and I have to say I think it's darling.   Who doesn't love a bow?!

ASG Marfy Magic Classes

I've already told you that I attended and taught at the ASG Convention in St Louis, but I never really got to say a lot about it.  My last class was Sunday morning until noon, then we packed all my Marfy garments and everything else in the car and drove straight home to Lincoln, Nebraska.  I was home for a whole 9 hours before I left to get on a plane for a week in Sacramento, California attending the Mu Phi Epsilon Triennial Convention.  That's my music fraternity and we had a wonderful time, but nothing sewing related, except I did get to wear things that I used for display in St Louis, so packing was a lot easier at least.   
Here's the back seat of my car with some of the Marfy garments I took for the Trunk Show/Class.
Naturally I was nervous about how my classes would go, but they seemed to go very well, and I think the attendees enjoyed them too.  This is the Marfy Magic class, which was offered twice.  I have a few photos of the beginning and end of the first class.  

It's fun to work with a crowd that's so interested in Marfy.  As you probably already know, I have no connection with Marfy other than just being completely sold on their patterns.  I find I get my best results using a Marfy pattern, and so that's almost all I've used for quite some time, although I'm not giving up my TNT patterns, of course.  Some of them are Marfy too, though.

I was able to answer lots of questions and allay a lot of fears about using Marfy patterns.  They are really so well made that there is little difficulty in making up your garments even without instructions.  I think that the lack of instructions forces you to make choices based on your fabric, preferences and vision of the finished garment, and it forces you to think about it much sooner than you might if you just dove into a garment following the instructions until you suddenly realized you wished you had done something a little differently.  And then it's either too late entirely, or you have to backtrack a lot.

I really enjoy doing this class and it can be expanded into a longer workshop or hands-on event, so if your guild or group wants a program, I am probably available.  I've had many positive comments from those who've taken it.

Next I'll tell about my other class:

  • Clever With Your Needle