Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nikko Jacket is Done

Here's the finished Nikko Jacket. It's a Sewing Workshop pattern in a printed and embossed stretch cotton. I spent today finishing the sleeve hems, shoulder pads and closure, which I think turned out pretty nicely. The buttons are glass, from the Czech Republic, and extremely reflective; very similar to carnival glass, and so they are very difficult to photograph. I used 2, and a twisted cord to loop them together. The end of the cord has 2 much smaller glass buttons attached cuff-link style, for weight, and to give a finished look to the cord. You can see the grass stitch topstitching in the variegated rayon thread, which gives it a random effect, as the deep plum almost disappears into the fabric, while the silver is strongly contrasting, and it runs the gamut in between.

I may add a small snap or invisible button to the underlap of this jacket after it's recipient tries it. It would be impossible to pick the right spot for it before that. As it is now, there are some interesting folds that form above the closure, which I kind of like. Whether she will, is another thing.

You can see more photos of this jacket at, including detail photos. Click on any of the thumbnails to see larger photos, and use the Next and Previous buttons to navigate.


Anonymous said...

Wow Liana! I love what you did with this jacket. I have the pattern but have not been too inspired by it. I may have to drag it out now. I really covet that fabric.


Liana said...

Thanks, Kayleen! These patterns never inspired me either, until I went to the Linda Lee seminar and saw some fabulous examples. Something about the drawings just does not compute!

Isn't this the greatest fabric? EOS really comes up with some winners.