Monday, November 14, 2005

1st Finished Little Blouse - Brown TieDye

This is the finished Little Blouse. I consider it only the first of many. They will all be somewhat different I imagine, and I plan to scoop the neckline even further and make this my default tank top pattern. It will be great with a button front, and more of a V-neck. Pintucks would be nice also. There are so many cute blouse details, and I just needed a basic pattern to do them. I assume sleeves will be added sometime, too.
It has a little more scooped neck than the pink plaid muslin in the previous post, and of course the attached tie is different. I also left off the bias bottom band, since it would be almost invisible in this print, and just narrow-hemmed the bottom. The neckline and armscyes are faced with brown Seams-Great, and turned, then edgestitched.

In this side view, you can see how the CB seam follows the upper curve of my back. I stitched the top of the seam closed, since I was attaching the scarf, and the blouse will fit over my head anyway. The point you see in front is the tie end.

One thing I am very particular about on sleeveless garments is that they should have a very high armscye, with quite a bit of coverage. I hate it when the crease between the arm and body is visible on me. This shoulder is extended just slightly, and the armscye is cut for maximum coverage. This will be mainly worn under jackets or sweaters, and I think silk chiffon will be rather wonderful for this, or any soft fabric, preferably not polyester, although that's what this is. I felt I needed one more trial version before I cut into the good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Those look great, Liana. I like the length of them, especially. You'll enjoy these!

Liana said...

Thanks Beth! I'm having fun thinking of different details to use with this pattern.

Linda L said...

I really like the blouse(s). This is a nice neckline finish. Even your test plaid looks nice. I like you love a higher armscye for a sleeveless blouse. Looks more flattering and truly fitted.