Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kearney and Sarah Veblen

I  had such a good time in Kearney last Friday and Saturday with old and new friends from the Kearney Area ASG chapter and the NBMCC (Nebraska Bishop Method of Clothing Construction).  They put on a fantastic Expo every fall, and this year the presenter was Sarah Veblen!  Of course, I could not miss it.

What an expert fitter she is, and I am dying to try some of her techniques.  I'm on my own, since I was unable to stay for the hands-on workshop on Sunday at Cari's lovely sewing studio.  It makes me think about going to one of her sewing weeks in Baltimore.

Here are a couple more photos of  Sarah's classes, but you can probably tell that I was enjoying, and taking notes more than I was taking photos.

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Jane M said...

Isn't Sarah and nicest, most encouraging and helpful instructor. So glad you got to see her. Since I live in the Baltimore area, I am surrounded by wonderful resources and talented experts such as Sarah and Susan Kahlje and Rae Cumbie. You are reminding me to not take my riches for granted.