Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Flounced Mauve Dress

Ruffles are not my style, but flounces are not ruffles, and asymmetric designs are always fun.

This Marfy pattern (#3744) appealed to me immediately when I received the catalog, and just FYI, there's a floor-length version that's beautiful and would make a great prom or evening gown.  It's a separate pattern, which I can  understand, since all of those flounces are redrafted to attach to a longer main skirt.  This keeps the proportions correct.

It was somewhat challenging to alter since the bodice is not symmetric, and it also has no 'regular' darts.  So I used a combination of a princess FBA and using my saran wrap block to make sure I had made the changes I needed.  I think it turned out pretty well, and actually, this was my 'muslin', though I had hopes that it would be very wearable.  I think it is.

I used a lightweight matte jersey I got from Kashi at Metro Textiles in New York. 

I left all the edges raw.  In snoop shopping in NY and Chicago recently, and online of course, I am seeing a lot of this, and if they can do it, so can I.  The trickiest part was making the hook and eye at the top of the zipper look neat on the outside since there was no facing to sew it to.  I think this works well.  It's visible, obviously, but not messy looking.  It's stitched through the top of the zipper tape for stability, and to control the zipper tape as well.


Mrs K said...

Just gorgeous!

Bonnie @ sewplus.blogspot.com said...

Fabulous! Your dress is just beautiful & the color is great for you! Good job!
Bonnie @ sewplus.blogspot.com

Carol said...

This is sooooooo pretty!!! Marfy is the only pattern I have not tried. You make me want to trace and add seam allowances and sew without instructions. Wait, did I just type that?!

Liana said...

Thank you, Bonnie!

Liana said...

You sure did! :) You should try Marfy. I am sure you'd like them.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty dress! I will definitely add these patterns for sewing to my wish list.