Sunday, July 06, 2014

Versatile Tee Pattern - FSG 1960 Part 2: Tee

As I said in Part 1, most of you probably know by this time that my very favorite TNT Tee pattern is Nancy Erickson's FSG #1960.   I change it around quite a bit, but the 'bones' remain the same.  This version is called Tropical Palms.
FSG#1960 Tropical Palms
 This fabric came home with me from Santa Fe Fabrics in April.  It's only July, so almost immediate gratification!  I loved this print, which is a horizontal stripe, not usually my choice, but with the changing colors and the palm tree print behind the stripes, it has enough interest that the stripes recede in importance a bit.  That's my story, anyway.
FSG#1960 Tropical Palms Back
I bought ONE yard only, and it was plenty, but only just.  The sleeves are this length because that's how much fabric I had.  I ended up cutting them lengthwise (which I think looks cuter than they would have the usual horizontal way, since the stripes continue over the shoulder seam) between the front and back pieces.  I needed the remaining length to cut the neckline binding.  It's a crosswise strip cut carefully following the stripes, and I think it turned out really cute.  Of course I used the No Fail Binding Method.
FSG#1960 Striped Neckline Binding
You can see how following the stripe made for a cute binding on this striped fabric since the neckline has a curve.  There was nowhere near enough fabric to do a bias cut, and I think the effect might have been lost in all the stripes, curve, palm trees, etc.  This worked out just very well.  And yes, I know my 'in the ditch' stitching wandered slightly for a while.  It happens.  But this is a quick summer top and it's fine.

The hems on the sleeves and lower edge are stitched with a straight stitch, fairly short.  I stretched the fabric quite a bit but not excessively and steamed it back into shape.  It doesn't show any signs of popping, and I think there's enough thread in the stitching that it should be all right.


Dixie said...

Having a tried and true tee shirt pattern is invaluable, as your posts attest. A top and a dress out of one pattern, and they both fit well and look great on you. That's successful sewing!

Dilliander said...

Fabulous fit! Lovely top :)

Mardel said...

I used to use that pattern a lot for tees. It had slipped my mind. In my recent sort I might have filed it with cardigans: need to pull it out for consideration as I tackled the process of finding my new TNT patterns. Why reinvent the wheel after all?

Your top is lovely and I like the way the details accent the print.

Rhonda Buss said...