Monday, November 24, 2008

Progress and Weirdness

I'm very pleased with my coat progress yesterday. I cut off the extra fabric at the fronts, cut out the pockets and flaps (they seem to match very well,) and got one pocket/flap pair interfaced and the edges pressed.

Before I got brave enough to cut the pockets, I procrastinated by ironing 20 shirts. Now you know that means I was willing to do anything rather than start in on the cutting. Pearle was happy with his shirts though, and I admit half of them were mine that had been waiting to be ironed, so it was equal opportunity wrinkles for a while there. I don't wear shirts as much in the winter though since I like something warmer, so probably he suffered more than I. He does have a few other shirts though.

So. On to the weirdness. Our cat, The Peep, likes to stay out all night, or at least the late night through to morning, even when it's pretty darn cold, and he's a hunter. He can come into the garage to wait to get into the house in the mornings, and a lot of times he's snoozing out there when we open the door, but this morning, we found a "present" from him. He popped right in and went and drank some milk, leaving his very large rabbit out in the garage. I'd show you a photo, but it's pretty graphic. I moved the car out to clean up, and honestly, they could have filmed an episode of CSI out there! Generally he eats his catches and there's not much left but a smear here and there, although they're usually smaller. I think. Maybe this was his second catch of the night or something, because it was pretty complete still and he had no further interest in it. It was just me, the Windex, Clorox Wipes, Lysol and paper towels. I'd just as soon he left his 'trophies' elsewhere.

The Peep

"Nature Red in Tooth and Claw" around here. Definitely. He is a very nice, smart cat who knows his business, and I have to say there's very little rabbit, shrew or ground squirrel trouble in my garden, and he seems to leave the birds alone for the most part.

Now, back to cashmere, with relief.


Vicki W said...

That's more considerate than my SIL's old cat, Elvis. He once brought in a rabbit and made that mess in her shoe closet! He was an indoor cat after that.

NancyDaQ said...

I used to leave the sliding glass doors ajar in warm weather but I had to give that up after Smudge brought in a few trophies that he proceeded to eat in the house. Now he eats them on the back porch.

Anonymous said...

That would be funny if it hadn't actually happened! I do feel I need to congratulate Peep, though, on behalf of my cats. Mr. Bonkers here (on my lap as I type) thought pretty highly of himself when he caught a lizard the other day.

Anonymous said...

oh I wish our Bosco would bring us back a rabbit! If it weren't for all the defurring work, I'd have popped it in a dutch oven with a bottle of red wine for a few hours, yum! As it is, the only ting he brings back to us is fleas!

Meg said...

Um, thanks for choosing not to post a photo! Especially since I am reading this right before lunch. But I can't wait to see your coat.

Summerset said...

Awww . . The Peep really loves you to bring such a great prize. Not that he realizes that such a great prize has a such great clean-up liability.

Yes, I procrastinate on certain sewing tasks, too. I find *all* sorts of things to do more offending than ironing 20 shirts when I'm trying to avoid the task. Usually I figure out what I'm doing to myself and make myself get started. Once I'm going, it is not too bad, but getting there is another story!

Mardel said...

I have a big pile of ironing to do too. I can find all kinds of things to distract myself to avoid something. But then again when I am wrapped up in something I can let all kinds of things just go to pot.

Nancy Winningham said...

There's just something about orange kitties. They seem to be the smartest and the best.

fourkid said...

Such a Mighty Hunter - and he thinks so highly of you to bring his catch to your "feet". You probably know this, but just in case, be sure to keep an eye on those mighty hunters for tapeworm (readily visible to the naked eye) - rabbits especially seem prone to transfer it to kitties.