Monday, November 03, 2008

Coat Progress

Coat Photos Link

Finally, a progress report on the cashmere coat. It's coming along pretty well, if by fits and starts. The photo above is of the coat body after underlining, with the collar just sitting on the coat with a pin on each side at the front. Notice how beautifully it works. I padstitched the undercollar and stand, but I think the fact that the collar is designed with a separate stand has a lot to do with the way it looks. It just has to have the perfect shape because it's designed right into it. Here's the collar sitting on a table after it's been stitched and turned, and with the upper and under stand seams pinned together.

I agonized quite a bit over the layout and cutting. I have to say I'm pleased as punch with the way the pattern match came out. I did try really hard to get it right, but there's always an element of luck that plays into it, I think. Anyway, it came out almost perfectly. I have to think that one of the reasons this fabric was expensive is because they used a fabric designer who made it possible to get this really great match. Here's a close up of the match on the side back and center back seams.

Tomorrow there probably will not be any sewing done because we're having a new furnace put in, and it's right down by my sewing area. I'm going to move a lot of things, and cover everything I don't move with sheets so I don't have to worry about dust on everything. At least I hope I won't.


Summerset said...

Nice progress. I've made one coat with a separate collar stand such as that one and it really is better than some of the other ones I've made. I wonder if those collars could be redrafted into two pieces so that they stand better. The pattern matching is really good - you have a great piece of fabric! It takes patience and skill to match, but like you said, a little luck, too.;)

Margi said...

LOVE the fabric-it's gorgeous and will look nice with your hair color. Where did you purchase it?

Diana said...

Liana, your coat is going to be a knockout! And the matching is amazing. Can't wait to see it finished!I wish you would join Swap. it would be very interesting to see the wardrobe you'd come up with. But as an administrator, I guess you couldn't , oe could you??

Diana said...

Oh, I forgot to saythat I've recently made two trenches (one for me and one for my DD,) They had the collar stand and I love that! The collar ends up looking great.

Pam Erny said... far, so FABULOUS!


Nancy K said...

I have made several jackets from BWOF with the separate collar stand and I agree it really makes for a nice fit. That Threads series on Armani tailoring explains how to redraft a collar for a separate stand.
Liana, you did an amazing job of matching the pattern. It really looks great.

Mardel said...

Oh Liana, the coat is going to be fabulous! And I too love the fabric and think it will look just stunning on you.

Liana said...

Thank you all!

Margi, I got the fabric from
Elliot Berman Textiles.

Alviana said...

wow. how awesome. looking forward for the completed coat. love ur blog. so much beautiful project done by talented u and it really inspire me so much ;)

Margi said...

Thank you Liana. I'll take a look at them online.