Friday, January 18, 2008

Pinwheel Pattern

I made one more dishcloth from this pattern, the one on the right in PeachesNCreme Gumdrop. The first one is Pink Lemonade. The potholder on the lower left is made with one strand of each held together. I was a little unsure that the colors would work together, but I really like it. It's very multicolored without any predominant color. The potholder is also smaller.

Thank you to everyone who liked this pattern, and I will put it up here. I'm calling it Pinwheel, but there's another, extremely similar, version called Round Dishcloth by Amy Carpenter. Her version has wrapped short rows, which of course is the best method to make them invisible, and it's a good project to learn about short rows. The pattern I'm using does not wrap the short rows, but in my opinion, for a dishcloth, there's really no need. So, if you want to learn the correct short-row method that you can use in other, more 'important' patterns, her pattern is fine. Otherwise, mine is okay. Mine also is a bit smaller, which I like.

Pinwheel Dishcloth
#9 Needle
1 ball cotton yarn such as PeachesNCreme or Sugar&Cream

Cast on 15 stitches.

  1. Knit across, turn.
  2. K3, YO, K11, turn. (This leaves 1 stitch on the needle. There will be an increasing number of stitches on the needle on most right side rows.)
  3. K back to the beginning, turn.
  4. K3, YO, K11, turn.
  5. K
  6. K3, YO, K11, turn.
  7. K
  8. BO 3, K2, YO, K8.
  9. K
  10. K3, YO, K8.
  11. K
  12. K3, YO, K8.
  13. K
  14. BO3, K2, YO, K5.
  15. K
  16. K3, YO, K5.
  17. K
  18. K3, YO, K5.
  19. K
  20. BO3, K all stitches, turn and you are ready to begin R1 again.

This makes one section. You will probably do the 20 row section 6 times or so, whatever makes a complete circle for you. You can graft the stitches at the end, BO and seam, crochet together with the CO row, or whatever joining method you may care to use.

Pinwheel Potholder

#9 Needle
2 strands cotton yarn, held together
This is worked the same as the dishcloth, but with the differing stitch counts.

Cast On 12

  1. K
  2. K3, YO, K8
  3. K
  4. K3, YO, K8
  5. K
  6. K3, YO, K8
  7. K
  8. BO3, K2, YO, K5
  9. K
  10. K3, YO, K5
  11. K
  12. K3, YO, K5
  13. K
  14. BO3, K2, YO, K3
  15. K
  16. K3, YO, K3
  17. K
  18. K3, YO, K3
  19. K
  20. BO3, K to end. You are ready to begin Row 1 again.

For some unknown reason, the potholder pattern must have red row numbers. Well, I have to go eat dinner, so they'll have to stay that way.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Those are so kewl, Liana! Thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

Love the washcloths and potholders! and than you so much for the pattern. That look like a lot of fun, perfect for those times when one just wants a little something to work on without a big commitment.

Nancy JC said...

Thanks for sharing the pattern. Looks like my mom could get something sweet for Valentine's Day without adding pounds!
Nancy JC

Marji said...

Thanks Liana, those are really pretty. dh has sort of gotten attached to the handknit dishcloths. Did you ever imagine yourself knitting dishcloths and potholders when you were a young woman just out of college? I sit in amazement when I find myself doing them.