Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yarnish Delight

From 12-5-06

I finished this quick little scarf Monday night. I think it's pretty cute, and for anyone with a cold neck, it's very nice. I like it worn both straight, as shown, and also with the "knot" at the side. The pattern is from Katherine Burgess, and is a free download. It's a rather old-fashioned item, but I think it's very nice, and after all, Vintage is In!

From 12-5-06

I ordered a new color card and price list from Bendigo Wools (of Bendigo, Australia) just a couple days ago, and here it came yesterday! They don't have a website, you just have to email them, and call a toll-free number to order. They hold the record for fastest service ever for a yarn order, from anywhere, to me. (I once got a yarn order which came from Australia, in 3 days!) I was pleased to get the color card, as I always liked their yarn, and they're very reasonably priced. I really like one of their colors in the Rustic line (which is on the back of the card shown) and will probably order some for a cardigan I have in mind. I wish the color was available in the Colonial line, as I like the cabled construction of the yarn. It gives such wonderful stitch definition and durability, but I'm afraid the color will trump everything. I have my heart set on a cabled cardigan, although I'm not quite settled on the pattern yet.


Beth H said...

Liana, I love your little scarf! I made that a few years ago and like it very much. It's wearable with quite a few things. Enjoy yours!

Anonymous said...

My mother and her friends used to make these scarves in the late 40s to send to (China?--not sure about which country) along with food supplies. My sister and I had ones made from angora--felt so good against my neck.

fibergal said...

You know that Bendigo has had a website for quite a while, right? I noticed on another list that you didn't think they did. I love their yarn.

Liana said...

fibergal, Thanks! I just found out about a week ago that they do have a website. No one else seemed aware of it either, including Google. I love their yarn too.