Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bendigo Wool is Here

From Yarn

My package of Australian wool came the 23rd, the last package before Christmas, and just for me! Bendigo didn't break their record, but it was a very respectable 12 day turnaround, so I'm pleased. I think it's a lovely color, (which you can see more clearly here) and even though my choices on the order form were Balls or Cones, I was a little surprised by the balls, as I guess I'd always had Skeins before, and then wound them into balls myself. They don't seem to offer that anymore. It used to be $1 more to have them wound for you, and I don't mind doing it myself, even though I don't have a ball-winder, just a nice swift. It's kind of relaxing, and I love to get my hands on the yarn. You get a real feel for it by doing the winding yourself, too.

I also got 2 patterns from them, and I may be going to use the cabled cardigan pattern from them. It looks very nice. I need to swatch a little first.

I finished all the knitting for the Fake-a-gamo bag last night, and blocked it. It looks so much better after blocking. Not even like the same stitch pattern, as the triangles all move into place rather than being lumpy. Now, all I have to do is sew it together and make the lining, which will be a little more complicated than the instructions. I like pockets inside my purses, and I also want to use some stiffening, so I will probably do a double lining, and put the interfacing in between layers. There are so many holes in the stitch pattern that whatever's next to it will show right through. The little curlicues at the bottom were so fun to do, and are really silly, but very cute. Pictures soon, I hope.

I'm off to pick up my sister at the bus depot, where United Airlines will finally get her from Denver to here. Fly United, ride the bus for 8 hours, after spending a day and a night at the airport.... Oh well, she was only supposed to be here yesterday afternoon. They promised her their next available flight otherwise, on Monday afternoon! So, our Christmas celebration will be slightly postponed.

Hope you are all enjoying whatever you are doing this holiday weekend! We are!

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