Friday, November 03, 2006

Knitting Quandary

I saw this design at the other day, and it just intrigued me so much that I went ahead and ordered the yarn and the pattern book.

The package came today, and looking through the rest of the patterns in the book, I came across the one below, which I am almost tempted to make instead. It's not the same yarn, but the gauge is the same, and I think it would work. I just can't make up my mind.

This book has the most unusual patterns I've seen. Many of them involve both knitting and crochet, and even hairpin lace, and all in unique juxtapositions. The best ones, in my opinion, are not those shown in the preview on the elann site.

I assume that when I'm finally recovered from this respiratory thing, I'll be back to actual sewing, but for now, knitting seems to be about all I can handle. I've just committed to doing the SWAP contest again this year, so I hope I will soon feel up to planning, etc., as that's the part that is the most work, I think.

I posted a lot of Shirtmaking Information on Stitcher's Guild today that I'd put together some time ago. It was very flattering to think that people were interested in seeing it again. It was on Sewing World for quite a while, but that site seems to be permanently defunct now.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a tough choice! I love the first one but the second one is interesting too. I love how they have that sweater paired up with a leather skirt.

Anonymous said...

I like both but for different reasons.
The first is sophisticated with a very elegant shape.
The second is more sporty. I love the zig zag of the hem but the bobbles may be bulky unless done in a drapey, soft yarn.
What colour have you chosen?

Anonymous said...

They both are really interesting. I think it's a matter of what you're in the mood to make - bobbles or cables. Personally, I'd lean toward your original choice.

Anonymous said...

Liana, I do so enjoy reading your posts. I was saddened to read that your having physical difficulties at present. I'll be praying for you. Thank you for you passionate interest in all things sewing, and your endeavors to share that passion with the rest of the sewing community (both seen and unseen).

Abi said...

Two really great designs, the first is edgy ( my preference) and the second more understated.Would depend on how you'd wear it.
Thank you very for posting on SG ,the shirtmaking tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liana
so sorry to hear you've been ill :(

Listen, can you post a permanent link in your sidebar to the shirt making stuff? Otherwise I worry it'll get buried. Or, repost the thing here and link to it. Just an idea.