Friday, April 25, 2014

Santa Fe Fabric Shopping

It wasn't all fabric shopping, but the fabric shopping was very successful. Patti and Ann would not arrive until afternoon, so Nancy led Jan, Margy, Sharon and me to Santa Fe Fabric, stopping at the fabulous bakery next door for breakfast first. Blueberry scones and Almond Croissants, that's all I'm saying. Very nice fabric shop and they have some things I hadn't seen before.
I found a wonderful bird print in a stretch cotton for a summer Marfy skirt.
This is an unusual poly that has almost a brushed nonwoven look, with couched yarns on a floral print. I think it's very southwestern in feel. I want to use it with some navy knit for a top.
Nancy found a bolt of stretch overall sequined fabric in a deep navy that I agreed I should have. I'm thinking the DK cowl front dress in a floor length. Awful photo, but the sequins are hard to photograph. Then I found a cute knit stripe that has palm trees under the stripes for a cute summer top.
Finally I was all done, but at the last minute found a wool spandex tweed knit with a lovely weight for a pair of knit pants in my favorite Marfy pant pattern.
After the fabric shop, Nancy, Jan and I went to the Puma outlet and bought shoes. They are very cute, and look to be comfortable as well, which is always hard to find together.


becki-c said...

I love how fun those summer prints are!

Sharon said...

Gorgeous fabrics and look forward to seeing the neoprene!

Jane M said...

That wool spandex nubby knit caught my eye. great prints, too.

shams said...

Yes, a nice haul, indeed! It was so nice to meet you, Liana! You are as lovely as I imagined.

Liana said...

Absolutely wonderful to meet you too! I can't wait until we are back together again. You and Margy are definitely "on the team".

Mardel said...

Ooo, pretty fabrics, and I love the shoes as well!