Friday, July 26, 2013

Clean Up

Just a couple notes.

Pam at Fashion Sewing Supply generously provided interfacing sample packs for all of the participants in the Coat Class I did on Saturday, as she did for me in Chicago too.  I can't thank her enough, and I hope the participants take advantage of the resource they've been given, and test the best interfacing available, in my opinion.  You know you'll need interfacing for a coat, and probably more than one type, so this is a great way for them to find out exactly what works best and what fits their fabric and their project.  She sells larger test/sample sets on her site, and I encourage you to try her products if you haven't already.  You will wonder how you got along with what you've used before.  NAYY, just a fan for quite a few years.

On to the non-sewing stuff. 

This may be kind of silly, but I am so thrilled to now have a recycling can as well as a garbage can!  I've been hauling the recyling to various places around town for several years, and it's not that much fun, plus it builds up in my garage until I can take it.  Now, finally I can put it in the recycling can and the garbage guys will take it away.  Thank you Niederhaus Bros.  This is wonderful!   I don't have to sort it, or haul it away myself, I just put it in the can and they take it once a week, like magic.  I don't produce that much trash anyway, but it's amazed me how much of what I used to throw away was recyclable, and it cuts down the actual trash to a very small amount.

My other news is the turkey of course.  I found eggs next to my house in the side yard, behind some ferns and daylilies, and it turned out that they were turkey eggs.  The turkey laid quite a few and has been sitting on them ever since.  I'm hoping they're going to hatch pretty soon.  I am able to look out a window above her nest, and so I keep an eye on her.  She never seems to move much, although I noticed there were quite a few feathers in the side yard yesterday, so maybe she's preening or something, away from the nest a bit.  I really know nothing about turkeys, so it's all a learning experience for me.


Gorgeous Things said...

How cool that you have a turkey! We had one in our neighborhood 2 years ago. She hatched 8 chicks. I haven't seen them recently but there is a big flock that resides about a half mile from here.

We have curbside recycling, and just went to single stream in my town. They haven't given us the big green barrels yet; we have 3 smaller bins.

And yes, Pam makes THE BEST interfacing!

becki-c said...

How nice of Pam! She does have the best interfacing, and her customer service is the best in any business. When I made my last coat (jacket) I used it from head to toe.

Jillybejoyful said...

I'm in total agreement about Pam's interfacing - go Pam! We've had curbside recycling (green bin, blue bin for paper/plastic/metal) for years, but then, that's California for you ;-D

And a turkey! With eggs! How cool is that?