Friday, December 05, 2008

Ironing Is Exciting Now

Yes, I got my new iron, which is a Rowenta Steam Generator. So far, I'm very pleased with it, and the amount of steam it puts out is pretty amazing. It's making me re-think my sewing area arrangement though. I think I need to put a table next to the window for the iron, and for the cat to sit on and look out the window. Right now, he sits on the ironing board, and I have a special elasticized cover on the board for him. I remove it when I want to iron. I've kept my iron on the floor for some time since I don't want him to knock it off, and the feeling is stronger now, but it would be nice not to have to pick it up and put it down when I want to use it. I think he'd prefer a table too, if I can find something the right height. No rush on this, but I think it would be nice to move things around a little.

I decided to make a quick pair of pants to test things out. I desperately need some very casual pants, not least because my only pair of jeans is biting the dust pretty quickly. They're actually a pair of my regular Burda pants, but in denim. The zipper pull broke off the other day when they were almost zipped up, and I managed to get them zipped the rest of the way, but when I needed to unzip them the next time, it wouldn't budge. I ended up working on them with a pliers while I was wearing them. Not good, but I did manage to get them off. So, I first replaced the zipper in them, since even if they're not too whippy anymore they're perfect for times when I know I'm going to get dirty.

When I had replaced the zipper, I moved on to the casual pants. I used a green poly/cotton bottomweight fabric in a small windowpane check, and my usual pattern. I suppose I'd better plan on replacing the jeans pretty quickly, too. It's hard to get along without them, especially in the winter.
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Claire S. said...

Liana, I have that iron too and love it ! I bought it before I knew about checking for reviews by actual users (as opposed to those that just seem like sales pitches) and chose it for the large water tank. Since then I've seen reviews commenting that it spits alot. I haven't found that a problem, only that in between uses the cord will cool off and any cool water will spit - I just hold the steam button til it stops, then press.

It does need its own table doesnt' it ? At the moment mine is resting on a wooden folding tv table, it's the perfect size, doesn't take up too much room.

Enjoy !

Vicki said...

Nice iron! Enjoy using it:)

Summerset said...

What a great iron! Yes, the cat and the iron need their own table. What a zipper experience.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the wonderful Rowenta. I think I have iron envy!

Unknown said...

Great iron. Have you considered using the steam for blocking handknits or crochet as well as your sewing projects?
I hope you get a lot of use out of it!

Ellen said...

I purchased a table that is used for hair salons ... it has wheels and is exactly the correct height to easily reach my worktable. [I no longer use an ironing board since I've constructed my padded cutting/ironing worktable.] Love it!