Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dress Form Stand

Carolyn asked what I was using for a stand for my dressform, and I thought I'd take photos and show it. The form itself has a 3/4" PVC pipe inside which is notched at the top with a not-very-thick, curved wooden hanger sitting in the notch. This fits into the shoulders, and the shape is padded up to match mine. This pipe fits on the outside of a metal tube which is part of the stand I got with a Uniquely You form that is very much the wrong size. The stand is something that I think could probably be easily made from components available at the hardware store. Here's a close-up of the lower part.

You can see that the "feet" are straight rods. These are threaded, and screw into the center piece, which has 4 holes for them. The metal tube/pipe is screwed into the center of the same piece. The PVC pipe fits over the metal one, and the plastic bushing slides on the metal pipe, but the PVC pipe sits on top of it. The wing-screw lets you secure the bushing at any height you like on the metal pipe, thus also raising or lowering the form. I will have to drill a hole in the PVC pipe for another wing-screw so that I can keep the form from twirling on the pipe. It's a very satisfactory system though, and should be easy to replicate if you're interested.

Here's the stand showing the bottom of the form.

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Anonymous said...

Many things can be retrofitted to provide a suitable stand for a DTD. I used the base for an old floor lamp. You either need plenty of weight or a fairly wide footprint. My lamp base has the former as the lamp was designed to hinge out in all kinds of directions.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Thanks for showing the stand bottom! I have only the feet portion left for my dressform and desperately need to find a way to get her lifted up again!

Unknown said...
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