Friday, August 04, 2006

Chiffon 1101 Blouse

I finally got photos of the chiffon blouse, after I finally got buttons and finally finished it. It seems that it's been a bit of a struggle at every step. Even my pretty decent first set of photos all got deleted instead of transferred to my computer, so I had to retake them, on this hot day, etc. Oh well, at least it's done. And I like it.

This is a 44, with a FBA, the sleeves lengthened about 3", and the body shortened about an inch. I also added extra wide seam allowances to the sleeves, but didn't really need the extra.

The buttons, which I think are very cute, although they pretty much disappear into the very busy fabric, are smaller on the placket and larger for the cufflink treatment.

I think I will probably wear this with pleasure this fall, as I like the look, and although after all the extra care this one took I thought I wouldn't make it again, I rather like it, and it might be a nice wardrobe staple for a blouse/shirt. It certainly looks different in different fabrics. Below you can see the Nile Green cotton print version which I made before the chiffon.


Debbie Cook said...

I can relate to blouse struggles! I finally sewed my buttonholes and buttons tonight. Your blouse looks fabulous!! I love the print, the buttons, the style on you. And you're right -- each one is so different even though they're the "same." Well done, Liana!

mamafitz said...

oooh, i LOVE that chiffon one. it's really stunning. isn't it great when you find a wonderful classic pattern that makes up so differently depending on what fabric you choose? great job.

suzee said...

Both lovely, but the chiffon looks absolutely magnificent. It's really an accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

They *are* both lovely! And I have some of that green floral; I'm thinking of making a knee-length bubble skirt out of it, although now that fall is beckoning, I'm not so sure about that plan.