Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Little Down Time - Stitcher's Guild

If you tried the new forum, Stitcher's Guild at Artisan's Square, you probably loved it as much as I. Unfortunately, a few growing pains have ensued.

Artisan's Square and Stitcher's Guild have run into problems with their web-host.

In a nutshell, the host has pulled the plug on the forum because the membership exceeded 100 people. This was not a problem which was anticipated.

DragonLady is in negotiations with that host and is also searching for another host site to move us all to.

The best that can be said is that this will give us time to sew like mad, with one less very tempting distraction for a while, and we'll all have a lot to talk about when we get together again! (How's that for putting on a brave face?)

Keep checking in here or at SewingWorld in the SW Feedback section, SW Refuge Announcement topic for further updates. We hope it will be quick and minimally painful.

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