Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katia Surf Shell is Finished

Tonight I finished the Katia Surf Shell that I began in the middle of July. It's very cute, and I'll try to take pictures tomorrow (Tuesday) although I'm thinking it might be good to wash this and wet block it first. I steamed it, but there are places where the stitches don't want to lay evenly even though they look even. I didn't do the split-V neck, just the scoop neck. The fit is quite good on this, and it's very soft yarn, but trying to crochet around it was really something. You are to do backward single crochet around the neck and armholes. The yarn wants to split terribly, and to go backwards was impossible, so I did one round forward, and one round forward from the wrong side. I would have done the first round from the wrong side, but I wanted to be able to place the stitches nicely without having to turn and check each stitch as I formed it.

Nothing on the wrap blouse today, but I hope to finish it tomorrow (today,) my birthday.

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